Ben Yeoh


I studied science and then practical arts and have been interested in both from a young age.

I had a dual career as a playwright and an investment analyst for most of my 20s, in my 30s I wrote less professionally but kept Arts involvement on the Boards of Talawa and then Coney. Writing remains important to me, its craft and its impact. Visual and performing and all other art forms continue to make strong impressions on me.

I developed an interest in autism after my eldest son was diagnosed. It was an important part of my undergraduate theoretical studies, but very different in practical life. Education and special needs remains an interest.

My investment thinking has always encompassed notions of sustainability in its broadest sense. I deliberate on how we create and manage enduring companies and invest for a better future.

I love food. I've been lucky to have been well travelled. I grew up analogue, but now use digital. The switch did kill off my photography for a decade (I was too glued to analogue black and white photography).

My family are wonderful. Anoushka's blog Spitting-Yarn is here.

I think London is one of the greatest cities in the world. I  was born in London, schooled in London, and live and work in London.

In moments where I stand back, I count my lucky stars.

Old blog can be seen here.