For the avoidance of doubt, I’m going to put this disclaimer here. This site and blog contains personal views, not to be associated with any organisation that I may connected with.

Version 1.0

The general guiding principle here is that this blog is only one person’s opinion and you can not rely on one person’s opinion for - well – most things, perhaps everything. In the myriad of opinions and information out there, you need to parse information that seems relevant to you and form your own view. Test that view against other wisdom, and then refine and reject accordingly.

Any regulation or disclosures designed to shut down your independent critical thinking will do you no true favours.

Turning to the legalese:

Anyinformation here shall not be construed as the basis for any investment decision.

I do not provide individually tailored investment advice. I do not take into account individual investors’ particular financial situation, existing holdings or liabilities, investment knowledge and experience, investment objective and horizon or risk profile and preferences.

(And you know, you need to think about what you’d like to achieve you with your money and life. Investments should enable your journey to a better happiness in life, to be aligned with how you would like to live a life well lived. An investment objective by itself – to my mind – is somewhat meaningless.  What is risk?  To live an undying life with only one sparkle ray of sunshine, but to sit on a pile of glimmering jewels? Or to strive for something greater than yourself?)  (Here's a blog post on Warren Buffet on a version of risk)

The investor must particularly ensure the suitability of an investment as regards his/her financial and fiscal situation and investment objectives. The investor bears the risk of losses in connection with an investment.    Conventional wisdom would encourage you to see a financial adviser’s advice (but to be frank only a good one, a poor one will like do you more harm than anything I write here)

Anything here is not solicitation to buy or sell anything; you should not rely on it;  the world is complex – geopolitical, interest rates, macro-micro economic factors; weather – the phase of the moon might all impact what I write about.  I write in best judgment at the time of writing and usually from sources, I believe to be reliable (well, as anything that can be reliable in an era of fake news, selective disclosure and un-nuanced discourse)   - I may or may not have some interest in companies or ideas mentioned here, I might take the opposing view; that view may change if I see a double rainbow, or figure out the colour of love.